Perfusion Film

The Belgian Society for Extracorporeal Technology - BelSECT

has produced a short promotional film on Perfusion.

In it, perfusionists, surgeons and anesthesiologists explain what it is that a perfusionist does, and why a perfusionist is indispensable during cardiac surgery.


Click HERE to see the film on Vimeo.


It is Flemish and French spoken, but subtitles are in English.

The film was uploaded in February 2015.


The German Society of Cardiovascular Engineering "DGfK" has produced a comprehensive and fascinating film about the profession of the perfusionist.


Entitled ”A job for life”, a detailed portrait is shown of the historical development of perfusion, the educational perfusion training and also the role of the perfusionist in a cardiac team.


By showing various heart centers the 30-minute film demonstrates the various tasks and contents of the profession.


First and foremost the film is thought to make the profession more transparent to an audience such as politicians, hospital administrators, patients, students and others and also to make it more known above all.


In addition to the long version there is also a short version available (both in English and in German).


The film was first presented on December 1st, 2012 at the General Assembly in Berlin.



Click HERE to see the long version of the film on YouTube.


Click HERE to see the short version of the film on YouTube. 


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